So, Laremy Tunsil. Where to even begin with this?

Every year a player drops during the first round. Maybe it’s because of injury concerns. Maybe it’s for character concerns. Hell, maybe it’s for drug concerns. Maybe sometimes a player just isn’t getting picked because teams are stupid. But on Thursday night we had quite possibly the weirdest thing happen that I have ever seen during a draft. 10 minutes before the draft officially began, Tunsil’s twitter account posted a video of him taking a hit of a rather creative bong. It was a gas mask bong. At the end he takes the mask off and reveals himself. That became the talk of the draft immediately, and the top rated lineman in the draft and one point obvious top overall pick began a free fall. The Ravens took Ronnie Stanley as the first lineman off the board. The Titans traded up, then picked Jack Conklin. Tunsil made it all the way to the Dolphins at 13, a fitting number for quite possibly the most unlucky player this draft. THEN IT GOT WORSE. As Tunsil approached the podium, his instagram started posting records of text messages between him and his coach at Ole Miss asking for rent money for his mother (which is an NCAA penalty, because the NCAA is a heartless demon).

Obviously Tunsil was hacked by someone trying to ruin his reputation. He also needs better passwords. The two hacks are obviously related but it’s weird, because they feel like they serve different purposes. The person can’t be out for money, because why would you make Tunsil fall? He’s now getting significantly less money. The Instagram hack seems like it will do far more damage to Ole Miss than it will to Tunsil, who is no longer affected by NCAA rules. It’s just so weird. What the hell happened to this poor kid? A scorned girl? His angry step-dad (Who denies involvement)?

An NFL team trying to make him drop?

Obviously this is a joke and not some conspiracy. I got the idea from the old unsubstantiated Dan Marino rumors. Some say the Dolphins put out a story about Dan Marino before the draft about a drug problem to cause Marino to fall. It’s probably just a story, but it remains one of the great football urban legends that is still referenced to this day.

For Laremy Tunsil, I feel bad that what should have been one of the best days of his life became a depressing clown show and now he has to worry about investigations and litigation and questions about his character because he smoked a little weed. This also reeks of one of those…growing disaster stories. You know, the one that starts off silly, then gets worse the more info comes out. I have a feeling Tunsil is going to get picked apart in the coming weeks once we find out why he was hacked and who had it out for him.

Also, as a side note to the NCAA. Pay your goddamn players you thieves. Players shouldn’t have to ask for under the table money to help their mothers have a place to live and to eat. You make untold millions off of these people, give them something besides a joke “chance at an education”.