Hahahahaha I hope Deflategate never ends. I still remember when it first happened and all I gave it was a brief blurb saying “it’s probably nothing and it’ll blow over” and now it’s possibly the longest story ever. I wonder if some irony god is doing this simply to taunt me. At this point I don’t even care if Tom Brady and the Patriots win or lose, I just never want it to stop. I can’t get tired of watching Goodell act like a petulant baby about a non-issue and I can’t get tired of mocking the cult of Brady as they freak the hell out about it. It’s the gift that will hopefully never stop giving. I want it in the Supreme Court.

Selfish desires to continue trolling Pats fans aside, seriously how is this still a story? When Brady won the previous appeal complete with an epic slam-down by the judge on the NFL, I figured that was it and the appeal Goodell filed afterward was simply the final gasp of a dead man, a mere formality. THEN HE WON! WHAT? HAHAHA HOW DID HE WIN?! Seriously how did he win? Now we are in a situation where Brady has an even lower chance of winning yet another round of court battles and we may very likely have a Brady-less 4 games to start the year. For the schedule nuts, that’s against Arizona, Miami, Houston, and Buffalo, a fairly modest slate. With Janeane Garafolo under center they probably win two of those. I think the Bills or Texans could steal a win and Arizona is probably now a favorite.

ANYWAY, HAVE ANOTHER PODCAST! For those of you KSK readers we got Spilly (he of the April Fools comics) to join us. And we finally have a title. But you gotta listen to find it out. But you should listen anyway because we spend 10 minutes laughing at dumb Patriots fan facebook comments!