The Buccaneers confirmed multiple people tested positive for Corona last week. Apparently a couple of players were also among those confirmed positives. I have a bad feeling this is going to be a trend that won’t go away and will possibly prevent a season from happening. Unless of course we just stop or severely slow down testing so that way we can’t get more positives! Can’t test positive if you don’t test!

Since baseball looks to be coming back now and basketball/hockey is close to returning as well, we shall soon see how much of a folly it might have been to try doing sports again so soon. How many positive tests is it going to take before things shut down again? How many stars are going to get hit? So far everything has been kind of hidden. We’ve heard of players testing positive during quarantine and dealing with the issues (Like Von Miller) but it is going to be different when teams are going to be missing key players due to positive tests left and right to the point where some teams may have to forfeit because too many players may have tested positive at once, requiring too many people to be shut off to actually support a full team. It’s going to be ugly and I do not have high hopes.

However there is nothing I can do to stop it so I guess we have to wait and see while hoping for the best. Contrary to what some morons might believe, we all still want our sports back. Nobody is rooting for sports to go away (except maybe those people who hate sports to begin with). I’d love to see sports again. I want sports to be safe and responsible enough to work. I just have my doubts and think human safety comes first and if they do have to shut everything down again, they should.

In good sports news though, MARBLE RACES ARE HERE. I think I shared this channel back at the beginning of the outbreak but if you are severely starved for sports action, the 2020 Marbleympics have once again resumed on my new favorite Youtube channel (which recently got a huge bump thanks to John Oliver). It looks and sounds stupid to call marble racing sports, but by the end of a video or two you’ll already have a team you like. Go Hazers and O’rangers. The Raspberry Racers can suck it.

No link today, just a reminder to WEAR A MASK. It’s easy as hell, you don’t have to keep it on long, and everyone can immediately tell you aren’t a selfish dick. I wear glasses and have a bushy beard so I understand how annoying they can be, but it’s such a minor price to pay to get us through this shit faster. I’d rather wear it for another couple of months than have to be scared of this thing for a year or more because Uncle Frank thinks masks are for commies. Viruses don’t give a fuck who you vote for. It’s so hard to find accurate info consistent across any news source, just be safe instead of sorry.