Yes he should.

This is not going to be gone in 2 weeks. I doubt the new normal will be over by the end of April. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still actually worse than now by then. There is no reason to hold the draft as intended. There’s no reason to have a gathering of people. It’s not responsible, and it could lead to someone dying that didn’t have to die.

Do it digitally, like a fantasy draft between friends who live in separate cities. We don’t see GMs make the picks anyway, just the aftermath, there’s no reason we can’t have a small intimate broadcast with a bunch of graphics in place of other things. It could be unique, something to give us something to joke about. Maybe we see Mel Kiper on skype with his hair products on a shelf in the background. Maybe we get a zoom call with someone clearly sitting on the toilet. Media from this point in history is going to be so weird in the years to come when those who survive it remember the way it was. At least embrace it to some degree. Do not carry on as normal. The players in the draft will probably survive infection, but they might spread it to family, to friends, and beyond. The spectacle of the draft is not worth it.

I miss sports too. I miss the comfort of getting my adrenaline racing watching athletes do cool shit. I miss the general level of drama that not even free agency has been able to provide in this time when everything is off the air. I worry for everyone involved who needs those paychecks to keep going. I’m lucky enough at this point to still be employed by my work but I’m still struggling with it. I’ve been dealing with what I’m 95% sure is just seasonal allergies but the lack of confirmation has just made my anxiety worse. My grocery store has been a frightening free-for-all. I’m deeply concerned for the safety of numerous family members who I fear aren’t taking the thing as seriously as they should. It’s honestly been tough to work on anything, and if an update doesn’t come, that’s gonna be why. It might take some time to get used to this.

Sorry to be a downer. I know that’s not what you come here for.

Hope ya’ll are okay out there. Take care of yourselves.