The NFL draft happened! It was fine. It was honestly about as normal as I expected it to be. The league wasn’t going to let technical issues get in the way and likely spent a lot of time trying to make sure we didn’t have any glitches happen. The draft honestly wasn’t that different, as GMs and teams make calls from separate office locations to begin with. The two biggest issues I had with the presentation overall was Roger Goodell himself and ESPN’s tragedy porn. Roger was just awkward as hell. Without any crowds and flashy lights behind him you could really tell how little charisma the guy has, and every brief moment with him in his basement was painfully quiet and awkward.

Of course, the lack of excitement there wasn’t aided by ESPN’s bizarre focus on morbid storytelling. Every other player felt like they got a detailed description of the most traumatic loss in their lives, tucked between footage of them celebrating and Mel Kiper discussing their 40 time. It was incredibly gross. This is a moment for celebration, why are we constantly having a tone shift to learn about how this guy’s dad was killed by a bear in the local state park? Save the trauma and in-depth personal stories for more individual player profiles somewhere else, not the draft. It was a depressing parade of misery, and ESPN should be ashamed of it.

Some people said they liked the new format so much that we should do it every year. Nah. I do not agree. I miss the live crowd reaction and the players getting to walk across the stage to hold a jersey felt important. As long as the world doesn’t continue to burn down around us I’d prefer a return to normal next season.

As far as actual team drafts? I don’t think it’s controversial to consider the Packers as the biggest laugh of the draft. The Packers seemed to be going into this draft with a single intended purpose: Piss off Aaron Rodgers. Seriously. Everything about the draft seemed designed to annoy him. Trading up to pick a QB who likely won’t even see the field for the next two seasons right after they extended Rodgers and can’t trade him without a huge cap hit? What? Taking a RB in the second round when they did just fine when Aaron Jones thrived last season? On top of those two moves, they didn’t even draft a single WR in a draft that was considered absurdly deep at the position. A position that Rodgers himself was openly asking for, and a position that almost everyone agreed was a huge team need. What the hell were the Packers doing?

Rodgers has a few years left. Even if he is declining (he is) and even if the team really wasn’t NFCCG levels of good (They weren’t), the window is clearly currently open. This isn’t the time to take a step back and plan for 3 years from now. This is the time to strike. They were a game away from the Super Bowl, frauds or not. You got a HoF quarterback in his last good seasons. Help him! Send him out right! Why are you spending valuable picks on a guy who won’t be relevant for years unless Rodgers throws a shit fit (possible!) and leaves? Yeah, Rodgers benefited from sitting behind Favre. That doesn’t mean Love necessarily will. This whole draft felt like putting the cart before the horse, planning for a future like the current situation will take care of itself. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this plan backfire. At the very minimum, you just royally pissed off a franchise legend. Of course Rodgers is petty and angry to an absurd degree, maybe that was the plan all along.