It’ll be extremely irritating if the Packers have genuinely pulled this shit off for the third QB in a row. But if they do, we already have the entire blueprint for Jordan Love’s career laid out in front of us.

Farve was a flawed prospect who fell to the second round. He got traded to the Packers for cheap, started shortly afterward due to injuries, and the rest is history. He won a Super Bowl within 5 years of starting. He then spent the next decade not quite making it. They lost the next Super Bowl to the Broncos, and then the teams would struggle and Farve would throw dumb interceptions and every year would feel like a bit of a missed opportunity. The Packers would either struggle against a clearly superior playoff opponent like the 2002 Rams, choke against a team they should have beaten like the 2004 Vikings, or just not make the playoffs at all. Sure enough, by the mid-late 2000’s Brett Favre had started his retirement dance. He has a final resurgence in 2007 only for the team to once again choke it all away to the Giants, and retire.

Well, sorta. We remember what happened next. It was a football meme for a decade after he pulled the wishy-washy retirement stunt and even now people still invoke his name when athletes flirt with retirement over and over again.

Favre went to the Jets, sent his dick pic to a reporter, got hurt, went to the Vikings and choked away the championship game on a classic Favre Int, then got bludgeoned enough to finally walk away for good the next season. Brett Favre getting his ass beat would end up feeling a lot more cathartic years later when it became clear what an asshole he was. Green Bay did their best with him and got rid of him right as he became too toxic.

And then the same fucking thing happened again. Rodgers was a flawed prospect who fell late into the first round, got shoved on the bench, started and quickly looked like a franchise guy. Won a Super Bowl within 5 years of starting, and then spent the next decade not quite making it. It was almost a juiced-up version of the Favre years. Rodgers put up better numbers and better play, and crashed even harder when it mattered. The 15-1 team would embarrass themselves against the same Giants in Lambeau, the collapse against the Seahawks, the repeated ass beatings from San Francisco. Rodgers would also start his own annoying retirement dance towards the end of his tenure. He would become a deeply annoying personality as more of his personal beliefs came to light and eventually the team broke down and shipped him off. Again, to the Jets.

Rodgers will presumably play this year and my guess is that to follow the formula he will play well and then choke in the playoffs again, and then he’ll be done and go off and do a podcast I will never listen to. Then he will have a horrible scandal outside of football that makes us hate him even more. My guess is shady crypto stuff, like a huge pump N dump or something.

So what does this mean for Jordan Love? Well, he was a flawed prospect who fell late into the first round (arguably “fell” is the wrong word, overdrafted might be a better way to see it), he spent years on the bench just like Rodgers, and as of last year appears (still to be determined long-term) to have transitioned to being the guy. So. The Packers will unfortunately win a Super Bowl with Love in the next 5 years. I don’t know who they beat, but they’ll get another one. Then for the decade after that win, they will be consistent playoff contenders who stumble and fall over and over again. Love will flirt with retirement, the new coach the Packers brought in a few years before will get frustrated with him, draft a replacement in the late first, Love will have a resurgence in play to spite the replacement, then another playoff choke will bring it down and he will become Jordan Love, New York Jet.

I’m mostly curious what sort of dipshit he turns into. Favre ended up being a sex pest and then a financial criminal, Rodgers is going the conspiracy wacko grifter route. What does that leave Jordan? Maybe he’s the big gambler. We find out he was putting bets on everything, including his own games. The Packers will be well on their way to the next Lombardi with franchise QB 4 by then.