I had never played a single Final Fantasy game before a few months ago when I decided to give the FF7 remakes a shot. I spent most of my time enjoying myself but I didn’t like the combat. It felt like a weird mix where it wasn’t quite turn-based and it wasn’t quite active. I know some people dig it but I found myself wishing it was either real-time or fully turned-based the entire time. I enjoyed the games well enough but I quickly bumped the difficulty down to easy because if I’m not gonna enjoy the combat I may as well blow through it so I can get back to the stuff I do like, like character interactions and story quests. ALSO, because it’s important: Team Tifa.

I give FF7 Remake a 6/10 and Rebirth a 7/10. I enjoyed the freedom and game more in Rebirth. As someone who never played the OG game and only knew a bit of the story through cultural osmosis…it was good and occasionally confusing.

I have no point here, I just had the shower thought one day that Football has a turn-based combat system. Maybe it’s a bit closer to an RTS system?