I made a comic about the Jets QB fight a few weeks ago that used the Dak/Tony debate as a set up and then everyone just talked about the Dak/Tony debate in the comments anyway, which made me feel bad for the Jets. So here we go, lets talk about Dak Prescott and Tony Romo and all the commenters can recycle their comments.

I’ve kind of held off talking about Dak Prescott(and Carson Wentz) mostly because I hate snap judgements on players. 1 year (let alone a few games) cannot define a player in this league. But at this point it’s hard to argue against both Dak and Wentz not probably being legit. I think Wentz is the real deal stuck in a tougher spot, with nobody to throw to. I’m still unsure about Dak, but I’ve come around to thinking he’s at least going to stick around for a bit now. Dak has been good. He’s even been great. But you cannot deny that he’s in a much more favorable spot. The Cowboys O-line is the best O-line in football again, and on top of that they drafted a stud RB who is lighting the league on fire. It’s much easier to be a QB when you got teammates like that backing you up. Dallas was a playoff team that drafted top 5 because they lost Romo last year. All Dak had to do was not be Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassell, and he’s proven he can be that, and more. So I’m still hesitant to call him jesus and I still think Romo is a better QB and the playoffs might come back to haunt Dallas if they keep Dak in.

However, I think at this point you can’t start Romo anymore and I hope he retires at season’s end. This is Dak’s team. Romo hasn’t been able to stay healthy for several years now. It’s weird to think about, but Romo’s career might end the same way his own started. Romo was a nobody who was thrown into a game to replace Drew Bledsoe, and from then on it was Romo’s team. Now Dak was thrown in to replace Romo, and it’s clear that it’s now Dak’s team. Kind of poetic.