I hope it’s not too subtle a joke, especially for the youngins of the readership who might think Trek is pew pew phasers and lens flares. Jeff Fisher is a man who seems to worship mediocrity and there isn’t much more mediocre (at least in Star Trek fandom) than Star Trek Voyager. A show I spent the last 6 months binging and mostly already forgot. Because Star Trek Voyager is a lot like the Rams. Lots of potential mostly not reached in order to play it safe. Jared Goff might be the breakout star this show needs to go 7-9. But we might never know, because Jared Goff doesn’t appear to exist while every other rookie QB is getting playing time.

Case Keenum was real bad against the Giants in London. The Giants defense basically had a stat boosting game. Before this week, the Giants were terrible at generating turnovers and getting sacks. They got 3 sacks and 4 picks, including probably the play of the week by Landon Collins and the worst communication of the year between Keenum and Quick on the game losing INT to DRC. I honestly didn’t even watch the game. It started at 6:30am for my west coast residence, and hell if I’m waking up at 6:30 to watch crappy London football. I feel bad for all the LA Rams fans who had to do that. Good job NFL, making an excited new fanbase watch their new team at an unreasonable time so you can further pimp a questionable business decision.

By my research (a google search for 5 minutes) Fisher is at 160 career losses, 6 away from owning the all time record (Held by Dan Reeves). Jeff Fisher is like that guy in the office who sucks at his job, but not enough to get fired, just enough to keep him off the radar of the boss while his co-workers stand around wondering how he’s still there. The only reason I can think of at this point as to why Goff hasn’t seen a snap yet is because maybe Fisher wants to sacrifice Keenum to the wolves since the O-line is garbage and Goff would be even less experienced there. But then you see that the Rams threw the ball 53 times on Sunday, and you shake your head. Fisher still has no idea how to manage an offense. Gurley isn’t playing well but you shouldn’t be trusting Case Keenum to throw 53 times. You traded up and drafted the guy #1 overall, let him try to play football.

I want Goff so I can scoff