The Rams got Von Miller!

Von, who was set to be a free agent at the end of the year, was instead dumped before the deadline to the Rams for a couple of second-day picks in 2022. Von has dealt with injuries lately and is definitely on the backend of his years but this is still a major get for a team with an open window. It is yet another incredible asset on a defensive line that already features Aaron Donald, who is singlehandedly better than half the defensive lines in the league. Von will come to a team where he isn’t even the main threat. I know the first thing I felt when I heard that Von had been traded. OH NO THE TEXANS SENT DESHAUN TO DENVER. Oh, nevermind, it was the Rams. Of course it was the Rams. For the past half-decade it has always felt like the Rams.

GM Les Snead isn’t like other girls. He doesn’t like draft picks. To Les Snead, draft picks are monopoly money he can use to con other teams into giving him their expensive veteran stars. It feels antithetical to everything you hear. You have to build through the draft! You have to accumulate picks! Fuck your picks. Give me Von Miller. Les Snead has a different way of going about his business and if you don’t like it well, you’re on Detroit now.

What’s weird is that it’s clearly working. While some of the Rams roster is drafted players, Donald being the important exception, in many ways the Rams resemble LA itself. Most people there aren’t from there. Stafford is from Detroit. Ramsey is from Jacksonville. Von is from Denver. Robert Woods is from Buffalo. Andrew Whitworth is from the stone ages. The Rams and Snead have tried a very different approach to team building than most other teams try. Fuck the draft, swap players in and out. It doesn’t feel like it should work, but it does. They almost won a Super Bowl a couple years ago and have stayed consistently competitive for basically McVay’s entire tenure with this philosophy. They are once again a playoff contender with a stud QB under center for the first time since Warner. The Rams have found a method to keep their window open as long as they can before the inevitable shut.

It’s pretty neat when you see a team tell convention to eat shit and generally get away with it. The Rams offer a good companion piece to the Saints, who operate as if the Salary Cap doesn’t exist. The Bucs, who won it all last year, did mostly under a similar philosophy once they claimed Tom Brady. The Rams have Von Miller now and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.