The Lions have now become the first team since the Browns to finally end a long-lasting losing streak…by not winning. BUT THEY DIDN’T LOSE!

I love ties. We get roughly one per season these days and each one is a masterpiece. What usually makes them so hilarious is that they are frequently between two teams who feel like they are both trying desperately to give the game away. This most recent tie, a 16-16 dumpster fire between a winless Lions squad and the usual playing down to competition Steelers squad, was probably the funniest tie I’ve seen since the 6-6 chef’s kiss between the Cardinals and Seahawks. Aka the greatest game ever played.

The Lions had a chance to win it…then shanked the kick. The Steelers drove the field, got into long field goal range, then fumbled it. It was the kind of game that makes you wonder if you are drunk. Congrats to the Lions, who both avoided going 0-17 and still have a chance to repeat 0-16. The Lions don’t feel like they should be winless and I still feel like they won’t end up as such but they have to actually win something first.

The Steelers went on a pretty nice run of wins but the team feels like they are doing the same thing last year’s team did: beat weak teams, barely, setting up poor expectations for the late-season collapse. On the run of 4 wins before the tie to the terrible Lions, they beat the Broncos (bad!) the Seahawks (Bad, and starting Geno Smith!) the Browns (Alright, though they were extremely injured!), and the Bears (bad! Also controversially!) The week 1 anomaly against the Bills is the only true good win this season so far. The back half of the season looks a lot tougher, with the Bengals, Ravens 2x, Chargers, Titans, Vikings, Browns, and Chiefs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team finds a way to go 8-8-1.

Lastly, Najee Harris earns points as being this year’s “I didn’t know we could tie” baton holder till the next guy says it after the next tie. Since Donovan McNabb, there’s always been one guy who apparently didn’t know. Here’s to you, guy!