Credit for the idea goes to reader Jason, who sent me a funny photoshop he made of Andy Reid’s gross text messages to JuJu. He gave me permission to adapt it. It was very good.

I was surprised to see Juju returned to Pittsburgh on a one year deal. According to him, he was torn between the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. Out of those 3, the Steelers seem like the worst choice. The Steelers are a team in flux, with an excellent defense but flawed and aging offense led by a guy who wont be there much longer. The Chiefs are a defined powerhouse already and championship contenders with a QB already screaming towards the hall of fame. The Ravens are less pass-happy but are also a young team on the rise led by a hot new QB on a good track.

The fact that he came back, but on a single year deal, tells me it’s about one last ride with Ben and he doesn’t plan on sticking around long term. If the Chiefs and Ravens wanted him, they likely will next year too. The salary cap was low and restrictive this year and it’s likely he’ll get a better deal next season. So why not give it one last go with a team legend and then skip out for a better chance and a bigger bag afterwards? Maybe Juju made the perfect choice. Just hope he doesn’t get hurt or the Steelers don’t completely implode.

By the end of the season last year Ben looked pretty bad. The Steelers ended up being a paper tiger and crumbled pretty badly in the final weeks. The Playoff game against the Browns was embarrassing. Will that get fixed this year? Ben is a year older and the last remaining member of the 04 crew. His arm looked rough. I don’t have high expectations even with the stellar defense on the other side.