Egg on my face. Classic trap game and I didn’t see it. Teach me to call games before they happen. Don’t make bets on my advice. Of course, that was hilarious and watching Steeler Nation go from “SUPER BOWL 49 CHAMPIONS” to “TOTAL PANIC” in 3 hours was pretty entertaining.

To be fair, I don’t think anyone really expected the Jets to win, even if they expected the Steelers to come back to earth. Now the Steelers have dominating wins over good teams, and losses to the Jets and Tampa Bay. Steelers are a wacky team. It’s okay, Pittsburgh, I know how it feels to be a fan of an inconsistent team. Although right now we are consistently bad.

Other thoughts on the weekend:
Jimmy Graham pushed off, Cox flopped a bit. Cox may have flopped but Graham extended his arms, and in game speed it looks very much like a push off and can see why it was called. Saints fans should be angrier about other things, like giving up that 4th down bomb.

Go Browns!

Oh my god Bears what happened

Ravens apparently played a game this weekend and won, no idea who the “titans” are though.

London gets another crappy blowout

Giants are bad, Eli not the problem.

Lions and Cardinals, top of the NFC. Awesome.

Packers are turning into the Patriots of the NFC. They win with such ease that they are more interesting when things go wrong. Also McCarthy should have let Rodgers break the single game TD record, sitting him was lame.