It’s nice that Tony Romo is has finally started to get the recognition he’s deserved for a while for being a great QB. He still has that dumb stigma about being unclutch but it’s slowly fading as people realize he isn’t the problem. He finally has a team around him that can play at his level and not force him to carry them (at least on offense) and now things are settled for him. I can’t wait for it to all fall apart so I can stop crying every night that the Eagles and Cowboys are good again. My tissue budget only runs so high.

One thing that I think still doesn’t get enough credit is how tough the guy is. He beat San Francisco (the team that went to the NFC Championship in 2011)  with a broken rib and genuine risk to himself. He takes tons of huge hits because his tendency to run around doesn’t always protect him from the mega hit. But Romo is a tough cookie, and that he’s playing with two broken bones in his back when I get pissy about stubbing my toe makes me respect the guy. Also I think he should really stop being so tough and rest, especially next week. Hell, think of the future, he should retire and take care of his family. He should pay Dez Bryant to be a full time nanny at the same time.

Anyway Brandon Weeden sucks


Edit: Whoops, fixed the jersey number