Roger Goodell was apparently unhappy that his suspensions to the Saints players didn’t work out as planned, so he decided to enact further punishment on poor suspended Sean Payton. They voided his contract, essentially making him a free agent at the end of the year.  The Saints have time to try and fix the situation, but there are already rumblings about a change in Dallas.

Payton has history in Dallas. He lives there. He worked under Parcells there. He’s actually the one who helped bring in Romo to the Cowboys. He has a good relationship with Jerry Jones.  The Cowboys, currently in a sort of limbo, could very well end up Jason Garrett-less very soon depending on how the boys fair the rest of the season. Many think Jerry should just give Payton a blank check.

Saints fans think this is ridiculous. He won a superbowl in New Orleans. He’s BFF’s with Drew Brees. They have a massive sign with him on the stadium right now. Loyalty has to mean something right?

All I know is that if Payton goes to the Cowboys I will cry like a baby as I plummet off a bridge while cutting my wrists.  Please stay in New Orleans, Payton. I know I’ve mocked you, but please god stay in New Orleans.