I hate the Cowboys, but at this point even I have a little sympathy for their fans. Most of the horrible 90’s bandwagoners have either moved on to new teams or have now suffered through a decade of spectacular failure. The Cowboys still get way too much hype, Jerry Jones is still a horrible person, Dallas is still a dumpy city that no one likes in a state the rest of the union hates, but the Boys haven’t won more than a single playoff game in over ten years, and they have a good amount of very like able players on the team. So it’s hard to hate the Cowboys individually, but hating the Cowboys as an organization is still easy.

The Cowboys fans have had it rough though. Every game starts out with higher expectations, followed by early mistakes, culminating in a bizarrely competent comeback which inevitably comes up just short thanks to some fantastic error, like Dez Bryant’s fingers landing out of bounds. My Giants are just as weirdly inconsistent, but at least they have a weird tendency to actually win in the end.