Read, the only site on the entire internet that depicts two huge meathead football players getting into a fight over the causes of World War 1. Stay for the puns and butts.

So a team with Dez Bryant and a team run by Jeff Fisher got in a fight. Totally unexpected, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

This whole joint practice thing always struck me as a strange idea. Effectively you can’t practice your good stuff, because then the other team sees it. Then, because players can’t get into huge brawls in actual games due to how it would hurt the team, instead get into it in practice. Fights in camp & practice are extremely common. Almost every tell all book I’ve read about football talks in depth about training camp fights. Thankfully these days, even in social media over reactionary culture, training camp fights still seem to be largely understood as common parts of the game. Every time something like this happens I brace myself for the legions of idiots reading too much into it, prepared to sigh very heavily and to laugh at people on twitter, but it doesn’t really happen. Only when something goes really wrong and someone gets genuinely hurt (lol Geno Smith) do the overreactions happen. Honestly I bet players get punched and shoved by teammates relatively frequently, Geno just took a really bad smack.