The Bills! They are making good moves! Rex Ryan is doing cool stuff and things are looking up for the Bills. Sure, they lost Kiko and Matt Cassel imposes fear in no one, but Rex’s philosophy has always been that Defense wins games and all the offense needs to do is not fall apart. He got Mark Sanchez all the way to the Championship game, twice. All Rex wants is a QB who won’t screw up too much. Cassel’s ceiling is game manager but if they keep things simple for him and just let him hand off to Shady a bunch. But Rex has some serious attitude and if anyone can turn the Bills locker room into one that fights, it’s Rex.

So the Bills have reasons to be optimistic. The 49ers…do…not. Surprised more 49er fans aren’t jumping off the Golden Gate. The 34 year old silver spoon fed owner/man baby Jed York couldn’t get over Jim Harbaugh being a big meanie and telling him no so he fired him after 3 championship seasons and a 8-8 season filled with injuries. Then they didn’t hire the defensive coordinator that made their defense great (Fangio) and instead decided to promote Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to HC. Then Frank Gore, the rock and soul of the offense for years, leaves. Then Patrick Willis, the heart and soul of the defense has a “spiritual awakening” and retires. Bruce Miller got arrested for spousal battery. Justin Smith retired. The worst part? They re-signed Blaine Gabbert. Just…awful. They’ve gotten Torrey Smith and Jerome Simpson out of FA, and Darnell Docket (Who is coming off an ACL and old). I’m not sure I’ve seen a team have such a bad year. 49er fans have this look of despair in their eyes as if they know they are just headed back to the land that has Mike Singletary drop his pants. Worst of all? Jed York is rapidly making his case for one of the worst owners in the NFL, and he’s younger than everyone.

If I were a 49ers fan, I’d be extremely depressed and very pessimistic right now. I love the ones who aren’t. You know those fans, in every fanbase, who simply refuse to accept that their team can mess up? Those fans are hilarious. I saw a few after Harbaugh got jettisoned already saying that “this was a good move, no really guys here me out, you need synergy between the front office and even though it’s super hard to find a coach as good as Jim Harbaugh he’s totally worth firing because he’s a dick #49ers4lyfe #49erNation #Bullshitteamslogan”.┬áCome on man, there is looking on the bright side and there is being willfully stupid. We won’t know if the 49ers and Jim Tomsula will truly implode until the season starts, but I don’t know how any fan can look at what has happened in the past several months and think things are looking up for the franchise or are at least fine.


My Name Is
Jim Tomsula the Mic Rula, the D-Line-ah, you wanna pass? I’ll bring it to ya
Trent Baalke and I’m on top, draft stars you can’t stop, Jed York you up next with your knock-knock
Jed York make the money see, Jed York builds the stadium G, Drivin’ in my car, putt’n two below par, Fire Jim Harbaugh cuz he’s mean and I’m a star

Uh! say yes to me, yeah.
Cause we are the 49ers, make the techies say woah and meanies get fired!
Cause we are the 49ers, make the techies say woah and meanies get fired!
San Francisco 49ers, Number one in Santa Clara, G