If this comic seems a little..bare bones, presentation wise, it’s because it is. I rushed it out. I had several doctor appointments this week and a busy work schedule. I was going to originally do the Gronk comic today but when I heard about Cary Williams avoiding a fine I got pretty pissed off about it, and made this. because it’s total crap.

Earlier this year, Cam Newton brushed an official while arguing with him. He got penalized, and fined 21000 dollars. Justin Smith once got ejected for pushing a ref’s arm off of him. Ochocinco once got fined for wearing the wrong chipstrap (Though to be fair, he was a repeat offender and did it on purpose). This year, Kareem Jackson of the Texans was fined for wearing his socks too high. Frank Gore was fined for wearing his too low against the Falcons. RG3 wore an Adidas shirt during an interview and got fined. (Adidas is not sponsored by the NFL).

None of these things are particularly offensive. The NFL has a uniform policy, if you deviate from it you should be punished. Socks being too high or low seems a tad overdoing it, but whatever. The problem arises instead when you punish things like sock height but not more egregious things like PARTICIPATING IN A BRAWL.

Cary Williams didn’t wear his socks wrong. He got into a brawl, got on top of  a 49ers player, punched him at least twice, got pushed off, pulled out of the scrum by a ref and then shoved the refHe wasn’t ejected. He wasn’t the one flagged. As it turns out, they won’t even fine him. THAT IS ABSOLUTE BULL.

You can argue it was a emotional game (It was) and that Cary didn’t realize it was a ref (He said so, and honestly I think he’s telling the truth) but that doesn’t take away the punches he threw, or the shove. To get away scotch free after conducting oneself in a very unprofessional manner like that while other people get fines for wearing their socks too high is absolutely Horseshit. He broke the rules, regardless of emotions or intentions. He wasn’t even the Ravens player who got flagged (that was #24, Corey Graham). He should have been ejected. He should have been flagged. He should have been fined. At least one of those things. Cary is not known for being a calm person. He got flagged plenty this season and is a hothead. You cannot let behavior like this go unpunished if you indeed care about the integrity or appearance of the sport. It’s hypocritical.

But that’s Roger Goodell for you.