Late June seems to be when my mind breaks and we get the creepy Draw Plays coming out.

I watched the CFL the other day hoping it would stem the tide but I guess it didn’t work. Anyway, last week Brady appealed his suspension and was in the hearing for a whopping 10 hours. Schefter thought he did a great job, but I’m convinced Schefter is a robot who doesn’t actually have any opinions of his own. Florio seemed to think he brought nothing new to the table and Goodell won’t change a thing. Of course, Florio is also a knob. We have to wait till late July to get any updates on this, because for some reason we need that long to determine what to do. Goodell is a joke. This whole thing is a farce. No reason it had to take this long. I’m still convinced Brady will get his suspension reduced to 2 games.