Here’s the reference for anyone who doesn’t get it

I can’t take full credit for this one, this was a fantastic joke made by a fellow on the SA football forums and it was too good to not draw. I also made him the shopkeeper.

It was all quiet on the Santa Clara front for a little while and we all got complacent. Then it happened, again. The 49ers offseason managed to get even worse! Anthony Davis, the O-lineman, retired to heal his body and mind. Not permanently, he says he plans to come back and the 49ers will still have his rights as a player, but he’s basically taking a long sabbatical. Then they trade Andy Lee to the Browns for a 7th rounder. This was mildly expected, since they drafted a punter in the 5th and he’ll be cheaper than Lee, but that’s still another blow to the roster that so many 49ers fans have come to love over the past several years. At this point the only ones left are Bowman, Smith, VD and Kaep. The worst offseason I have ever seen in professional sports continues, and every time I think it’s done it gets worse, so now I just dread what could possibly happen next.