I think David Wilson might need to give up his dream and just retire. It’s a massive shame, and the kid had such potential (As we saw in the one glorious game when he schooled the Saints) but at some point I think he needs to worry more about his personal health than the dream of football stardom. He goes down with Spinal Stenosis and spends the whole off-season with major questions on whether he can ever play again. He’s not Peyton Manning, he plays a position that take impact on literally every play, frequently hard hits. But he beats the odds and gets cleared for contact. he will likely play a limited role, but that’s if he comes back from his newest problem, a neck burner suffered at practice and now he’s being kept out of the HoF game and needs to go see the surgeon who fused his spine to see if the injury had any negative impact. If it did, I think Wilson needs to hang it up. I’d love to see him come in & tear things up, but man, this just looks bad and I worry we’re going to see him get paralyzed on the field.

Edit: well this comic was poorly timed

Edit #2. Looks like the Doctors shut him down and told him not to play football, and he’s walking away. That’s the right choice, as sad as it is to see him go. Better to walk away than be wheeled away.