Goddamnit Chip, why’d you have to go and do that. We had two years of Tebow free NFL and the psychosis was finally starting to die down. I even drew a comic about Tebow no longer being a big deal, and I was happy to think that it was going to be my final Tebow comic, and you ruined it, you jerk.

I don’t hate Tebow. He seems like a quality dude. As a person I’m actually happy for him, even if I fall on the opposite side of many of his personal beliefs. He’s a good guy and I don’t think he deserves any of the hate thrown at him. In 2011 I was actually rooting for him because of how entertaining his games always ended up being. It’s his rabid fanbase that I can’t stand, the people who point to a single playoff victory against a banged up Steelers team as if it’s evidence he’s better than Peyton Manning. The people who point to his 6 win streak in 2011, against literally zero teams that had a winning record, and finished with the lowest completion % of any QB that season. The people who are convinced Tebow hasn’t been given a fair chance because of his faith or whatever, and conveniently ignore the fact that several other players are just as much if not more religious than he is (Rivers, Kurt Warner, anyone who points at the sky after they score). I’m still convinced that these people are part of the reason Teebs has had a hard time finding work. Teams hate distractions, and Tebow is a distraction simply by existing, because so many people love him and hate him. If the people who liked Tebow would shut up about it and simply root for him like they would another regular player, Tebow might not be such a media circus and he might have had an easier time finding work. Teebs is (partly) a victim of his own feverish fanbase, and also the fact that he’s not that good at the footballs. He was surrounded by NFL talent at Florida and his one season of success was throwing to Eric Decker and Damaryius Thomas, with Willis McGahee in the backfield. You know, the same group of people Peyton Manning has taken to the divisional round + 3 years straight. Tebow can have all the heart in the world, at some point he needs to learn how to throw the damn ball. Until then, his fanbase will keep making terrible excuses for him.

Removing myself from the fandom issue and looking at it from a football perspective, I have two constant thoughts. Thought 1: he doesn’t make it out of preseason. He’s been out of football for 2 years, I don’t see him getting better. Thought 2: Chip might be crazy stupid enough to actually find a use for him, and now with Tebow presumably a little more humble maybe he will play an interesting wildcard role in the offense. If the Giants get Tebow’d this season I’m going to to draw a comic of me kicking a puppy and blame it on him.

The Eagles QB situation is bizarre. 3 first round picks. One is most famous for running into a butt. Another could be nicknamed Mr Glass. Tebow. Then Matt Barkley. One thing is for sure.

Matt Barkley sucks.