The NFL is so goddamn popular that the most mundane of news stories (We knew who each team played in 2015 literally months ago, this was solely for when and where) has gotten to be a media event. The schedule was released and within hours we were surrounded with articles describing every possible angle that this tiny morsel of new information. Analyzing the opening match-up! Analyzing the monday night games! Who has the most primetime games! Articles that are team specific! We got two whole days of schedule chatter from every major sports site on the planet. And we ate it all up. I’m effectively covering it right now by drawing a comic featuring my KSK Kompatriots also reacting to it.

The NFL has us all by the balls. It’s no wonder they laugh and shove away most scandals, and get away with so much, they know even the smallest of news morsels will have us all clamoring for more. Remember last offseason when the NFL was dying, when scandal was breaking, when Roger was surely doomed and everything was over? Yeah, then the season happened, and we all kinda forgot that because we had football again. Then we willingly surrendered our newsday to the release of the goddamn schedule.

We are addicts and the league is the pusher.