LIFE UPDATE: We negotiated the house and are currently waiting to close, which may be as soon as the end of this week. I am going to be spending a lot of time packing/cleaning/adulting for the next few weeks, so expect a lot of checkdowns at best.

I might fill this space with Game of Thrones opinions in detail later, I’m going to bed late now. the TL;DR – I think they rushed the final seasons and took away a lot of what made the show work, but they could have messed it up far worse and ultimately the end wasn’t that awful. If you think this is one of the worst endings to a TV show ever you must not watch a lot of TV. It was okay for the corner they painted themselves into.

This is a safe space for GoT opinions, feel free to discuss your thoughts here. If you hate or don’t care about the show, let the nerds have their fun and don’t be that “I DONT CARE ABOUT THIS” guy. Nobody likes that guy.