The second of the major updates this year is the Detroit Lions!

This uniform update is a lot like the Jets update: a return to just looking like a classic NFL era uniform. There’s very little risk in the new Lions uniforms. They made the shoulder stripes into two horizontal grey stripes with a white outline, an improvement on the previous version with the LIONS written in the stripe, but also a regression to standard conventional stripes without any degree of anything new. It looks clean, it looks fine, outside losing the uniqueness I have no complaints. At least for the blue home jersey.

The white away jersey is just fine, except they have DETROIT written above the numbers. Again: leave that shit in college where it belongs. I shouldn’t need anything but the colors and design to tell me what team it is. We don’t need it. Get right of it. It would look better without it. Otherwise the away is fine.

The one I want to talk about the most is the alternate jersey.

First off: obligatory STOP MAKING BLACK ALTERNATES FOR FUCKS SAKE THE LIONS DO NOT NEED A BLACK ALTERNATE. I have a firm belief that unless black is a major part of your team’s color scheme (Ravens, Steelers, Raiders, Saints, Falcons, lesser extent Jags and Bengals), there is no reason to have a black alternate. Alternates should be weird experiments but they should still use the colors of the team. This black uniform was a replacement for the Lions grey alternates. Did I like the grey alternates they had? No. They work a little better with the old grey helmets over the blue ones, but they aren’t great. But you know what they weren’t? A fucking black alternate, the same as every other one. It was a fun goofy experiment and it still felt like the Lions. The new Lions alternate? It’s the Panthers!

Seriously. It’s a Panthers uniform. Look at it. It’s like the Lions beat the Panthers to their own redesign.

The blue helmet with the black logo of a large cat. The black stripes and the hints of grey. It’s a Panthers uniform. If the Panthers update (which they should, they are outdated), they could straight up just use this as a cheat sheet. It’s not even that bad as far as black alternates go…because it’s a better version of a team that actually uses this exact scheme for their current look. It’s not Lions. Nothing about it feels Lions. It’s the fucking Panthers. If I turn on a game and I see these uniforms playing I might genuinely be confused about which team is playing for a minute.

If you have to do an alternate with the Lions and make it black, it needs more grey involved. Grey numbers. a grey helmet. Grey stripes. More grey. No more Panthers.