Farewell, sweet Joe Thomas. Bedrock of Cleveland. Ironman of snaps. Prototype of all linemen. You were the one constant, the one shining beacon of hope in the northeast Ohio darkness. You gave Cleveland your all, and in return you got nothing, outside love from fans and some quality moolah. Cleveland didn’t deserve you, but honestly, no team did. May you have a wonderful retirement.

Going back and doing this comic was a mind-numbing experience. He’s blocked for 20 different Quarterbacks. Most of the hydra. I mean goddamn, I’ve been tracking the Browns QBs for the hydra for about 4 years now. I started it when they hit 20. Browns QBs are a different measurement of time than normal. It’s like how dog years are normal years multiplied by 7. You can judge time by seasons, or by Browns QBs, and suddenly everything is a lot older.

In the first half of this list of QBs is Brandon “Old guy” Weeden. Yeah. Remember Brandon Weeden? He feels simultaneously like he was just there, being old and bad, and AGES ago. He last played for the Browns in 2013. What’s Weeden even doing these days? He’s a free agent QB, who was on the Titans last year. Which, if you think about it, means Weeden has seen 2 playoff games. He’s actually the QB that got the Texans their very first win in Indianapolis. It feels so long ago. Never view time through the lens of a Browns QB.

Joe blocked for everybody and there honestly isn’t much else to say. He was the epitome of the position. He’s a future hall of famer. He’s the one thing about the Browns that didn’t suck for a decade. I can’t memorialize him with words better than any Cleveland fan could, so I’ll settle for the comic above. Godspeed, you loyal stud muffin you.

In case you are wondering, here are the QBs shown, in order Joe first blocked for them. See how many you can figure out before you check out the list:
Derek Anderson
Charlie Frye
Brady Quinn
Ken Dorsey
Bruce Gradkowski
Colt McCoy
Jake Delhomme
Seneca Wallace
Brandon Weeden
Thad Lewis
Jason Campbell
Brian Hoyer
Johnny Manziel
Connor Shaw
Josh McCown
Austin Davis
Robert Griffin III
Cody Kessler
Deshone Kizer
Kevin Hogan

and what I assume will end up being correct with Tyrod Taylor, who doesn’t officially get added to the hydra until he starts a game. This is the resume Joe Thomas blocked for. My god you deserved better, Joe.