So Johnny Football is now Johnny Cleveland Football. Hopeful but will likely ultimately just make you feel kind of sad.

I’m one of those guys who still thinks Bridgewater is the best QB in the draft and will continue to be and that the Vikings got a steal. I’m not in love with Johnny Dollar signs, but it’s mostly because I’m scared for him. I haven’t watched all his games or studied him closely, but I’ve gotten the general gist of him and I just worry he’s going to be the new RG3. Absolutely incredible until he breaks.

When I watch Johnny SEC do his thing, I spend a lot of time simultaneously amazed and ready to wince. It feels like the big hit that ruins him forever is always just about to happen, but then it doesn’t. I felt the same way watching RG3 in his rookie year. He was amazing to watch, but you could just feel the hammer coming. He scrambled and did his feats of athleticism with such wild abandon for himself. Soon enough, he got hurt, and while the jury is ultimately still out on whether or not he’ll return to form, many of us have our doubts that he will ever be the same. I felt the same way about Vick’s running around.

I never got this feeling watching Wilson, or Rodgers, or even Kaep, Cam & Romo. They all take hits, but they seem more conservative and controlled in their actions when they run around, Wilson/Rodgers especially. It feels like intelligent, purposeful scrambling in an attempt to extend the play just a bit and see if anything can be made of it. With RG3 and Johnny Autograph, it feels like trying to force the issue too often. They don’t give up on a broken play when sometimes they should. I dunno, it’s hard to describe without sounding like a dummy who doesn’t know anything, but his style just feels unsustainable when you compare it to watching Wilson and Rodgers run around.

I was also far less worried about Johnny Mafia in the 20 hours before we find out Josh Gordon is probably suspended for a year. Now he’s Johnny No One To Throw To. I hope he is able to do his thing on an NFL level, because he’s so fun to watch, but I also hope he doesn’t rely on it because it won’t give him a long career otherwise. I’m excited to see what he can do.