I knew Tom Coughlin was a cranky old jerk but damn.

When Coughlin was in NY he famously didn’t get along great with his players. Strahan has been very open in his disdain for Coughlin’s early tenure with the Giants. Tiki Barber also didn’t get along with him. Most players say he was an unrelenting hardass. When he opened up a little bit (the year he expected to get fired) the team came together. 4 years later, the cycle had repeated. Coughlin’s hardassery came across as just…his style. It didn’t make him friends, but it got results. Coughlin was a good football coach and the pathetic teams we’ve had since have made it clear how much he held that team together, even as the sport passed him by and the talent drained.

But one of the most notable things that came out of the Tom Coughlin Bullshit stories was his infamous Coughlin Clock. Essentially, if you showed up on time, you were late. If a team meeting started at 8am, you were late if you showed up at 8am. You had to be 5 minutes early. If you showed up “late”, you’d be fined. By basically any measure this was fucking ridiculous and I’m glad that, even after bonding with him and winning a championship with him, Strahan still won’t defend this shit.

I am personally what comedian Mike Birbiglia (shameless plug, he rules) calls an On-Time person. Being late gives me anxiety. My wife is not an on-time person and if you are like me, you know the sheer frustration of waiting for people to be ready. But even like that I cannot possibly defend Coughlin’s early policy. If a meeting starts at 8, then that is the fucking start time. Not 7:55. Punish the people who show up at 8:10.

Jaguars fans have been calling for Coughlin’s head for a while now but this week some information regarding his totalitarian nonsense started reaching the general NFL public and it quickly snowballed into Coughlin being let go, rightfully. It started when Dante Fowler and the NFLPA won a grievance against the Jags for when Fowler was fined for not doing something he was legally not required to do. If the NFLPA, as weak a union as it is, wins a case, you done fucked up. As soon as the NFLPA sent out letters telling free agents to avoid Jacksonville, the absurd stories of Coughlin’s bullshit came with it.

He fined two players for sitting on the bench during games in which they were inactive. The amount? 99k. Almost 100 thousand dollars for sitting during a game that they wouldn’t be playing in anyway. I can’t even fathom what justification Coughlin could have for that being fair. There is none. A player got fined for missing a workout even though he missed it due to his flight being cancelled by a lightning storm. It’s easy to see why Jalen Ramsey and other talents they didn’t retain might have wanted out of Jacksonville if this is the kind of ridiculous shit that Coughlin was up to. Who knows what other petty things Coughlin fined people for. There is being a tough-love hardass and being a complete dictator. Coughlin needs to step away from football. He’s 73 and still running things like it’s the 50’s.

Thanks for 42 and 46 though *blows kisses*