The Bills are good!

Yes, the offense isn’t spectacular. Yeah, Josh Allen hasn’t thrown for 300 yards yet. Yes, the team has faced a decisively below-average strength of schedule. Playing the AFC North and NFC East will bolster anyone’s record (cough cough PATRIOTS). But that doesn’t change the fact that the Bills are winning games. They are winning thanks to gritty defense grinding down teams. They are winning by controlling the ball. They are winning because Frank Gore personally wills it to happen.

Bottom line, no matter how skeptical you remain of the Buffalo Bills, clinching a wildcard spot in week 15 means you don’t suck. The Bills have earned the 5th seed and will likely keep it going into the postseason. Considering the obnoxious juggernaut that is New England plays in the same division, clinching a wildcard is basically winning a normal division anywhere else. Also let’s be real: the 5th seed is a seed of honor. It always goes to the best team that couldn’t quite win a division. The 6th seed is the joke consolation prize for some mediocre team that farted its way into some extra wins. Like the 2017 Buffalo Bills.

But I find it hard to not be impressed by what Sean McDermott (or as I call him, slightly less angry looking Bill Burr) has been able to do with this team. The Bills are respectable. They do what good teams do: they find ways to win despite adversity, despite doubt, despite negative nancys like me who want to make the easy jokes. I am obviously pulling for them in these playoffs, and the Chiefs are like the only other AFC team I would want to see succeed (unless the Titans grab the consolation seed).

So good for the Bills, and kudos to all those damn nutjobs in the Bills Mafia who waited in the cold to greet the team getting off the plane. I know there isn’t much to do in Buffalo, but that’s still beyond what I’d want to do. It was -2 degrees out there, so there is a non-zero chance that someone got frostbite just to yell WOOO at Josh Allen. Gotta respect that. More like the ChillsMafia.

Big thanks to all the Bills fans who sent me photos on twitter the other day so I could just kill them off in the comic. I wish I had room for everyone who sent a photo, but I have limited time and space.