I had a bunch of requests for this during the summer and when I asked for ideas, so I hope this was worth the wait. It really is a situation dumb enough to get a comic for it, lest we forget it down the line.

So to anyone who missed this nonsense, which wasn’t hard as it didn’t seem as visible as I would have expected (then again I was in the middle of house-hunting stress at the time), let’s recap the basics.

-The Texans hire Brian Gaine last season to be their new General Manager.
-The Texans fire Brian Gaine after the 2019 draft, basically after 1 season as GM. An unusually short period of time for a GM to be employed. It is not clear why Gaine ended up fired, as nothing he did seemed particularly awful.
-The Texans appear to be going after New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio to be the new GM.
-Nick Caserio ends up having a clause in his contract that forbids him from being interviewed by other teams.
-The Patriots, in response to the Texans interest, file tampering charges.
-The Texans back down, the Patriots pull the charges, and the Texans are now just kinda without a general manager.

Way to really fuck that one up, Houston. Now you don’t have a GM for the season because you were too dumb to see if you could actually hire the guy you jettisoned your last GM for. Maybe you can find someone available. I hear Jerry Reese is still looking. We’ll happily give you David Gettleman in the meantime.

Comic fun fact: I had this one halfway drawn with Bob McNair instead of his son Cal McNair because I just straight up forgot Bob McNair died last season. lol