The first coach fired is never the one you expect it to be, is it? I was pretty convinced it would be Gase, with Patricia being the dark horse. BoB was probably always going to be fired, but I figured the guy who reached the playoffs last season would get a bit more leeway than the other two travesties.

I guess he signed his death warrant when he took over the GM job and therefore couldn’t throw anyone under the bus in his stead when things went south. Then he traded away the best player on the team for peanuts. Then they started 0-4. Funnily enough, BoB is probably the best “Belichick tree” coach we’ve had. You could even argue he wasn’t a total bust. The Texans reached the playoffs many times under BoB and compared to the likes of Patricia he’s positively solid. But fate comes for us all.

But seriously lol the dude traded Nuk. You can’t come back from that. It seemed like BoB was at odds with a lot of players towards the end there, namely golden boy Watt. BoB probably should have been fired after last season. But hey, at least now they get to just sorta fuck around during a weird irregular year and take their time finding a new coach and GM. This should be a fairly attractive job, too. You got the most important piece already and a decently solid team with just a few big holes.