I think the Browns might be good! All that hype from 2019? Maybe all it needed to actually work was a competent coaching staff! Who knew?

The defense is certainly a bit suspect with the points they’ve given up and Chubb is hurt now, but that can’t shake the vibe that this isn’t our usual Browns. They’ve won 3 games against bad teams in fairly dominant fashion (outside a late push by the Cowboys). That’s what you are supposed to do as a good team. The offense is clicking on all cylinders. OBJ looks healthy for the first time in a long time. Landry is still good. Baker appears to be getting back to his rookie levels and the running game is just a steamroller that can’t be stopped. I love it. They are as fun as they were supposed to look last year.

And yet, maybe because the world is on fire and we’ve just given up on the Browns after so many let downs, they don’t seem to be getting a ton of attention. That’s pretty weird to me, because any positive Browns event is practically headline news. Peyton Hillis rode “not being shit on the BROWNS” all the way to a madden cover. Baker having a good rookie year got him multiple endorsements and tons of hype. Yet this season, they feel like a bit of an afterthought despite being 3-1. Maybe it’s that they got bamboozled in week 1 and have only beaten bad teams since, but this lack of hype seems notable to me.

While I am on record as stating that the Browns will never be good until they are, this is probably the best year I’ve seen them have a chance to prove that once and for all. The NFL playoffs now feature 7 teams per conference, so there’s more room to squeeze in, even with the Steelers and Ravens in the same division. Looking at the Browns schedule…it doesn’t look that hard for this team to grab at least another 6 wins. They still have to play 3 NFCE teams, the Jets, Jags, Bengals again and the Texans. If they can squeeze out some victories on middle of the road teams like the Titans, Colts, and Raiders, and steal a win from the Steelers or Ravens, this team is probably in. I look forward to seeing this Browns season. Kevin Stefanski…make me a believer.

Of course the Browns happen to be playing well during the worst year I can remember in my life so if they keep winning…invest in a bunker I guess.

For those of you who want a buttchin comic to honor his firing…patience will be rewarded