How the turn tables.

The Steelers missed the playoffs and the Browns are the reason why. What a time to be alive. The Browns held the fate of both the Ravens and the Steelers in their hands going into week 17. The Browns tried their best to win but came up short, instantly eliminating the Steelers.

I think Browns fans generally were more interested in winning and screwing over the Ravens but screwing over the Steelers has to be a nice consolation prize for what was ultimately a positive season overall. It started bad, got worse, then they removed the tumor that was Hue Jackson and suddenly the Browns we thought could possibly exist actually came out. They still have some ways to go before they are generally a threat to really compete, but they showed competitive life and finally appear to have a future. I think if Baker stays healthy and plays all next year looking like this, maybe I’ll officially end the hydra and make one for the Skins next.

I just assume they are going to mess up the head coaching search and everything goes back to hell because this is the Browns. They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong. Not kind of proven wrong. Genuinely proven wrong. If they look like this next year and win another game or two, then they have proven it. At least to me, and my opinion is all that matters.

EDIT: On my way home Monday our taxi got in a car accident and I’m all bruised up. Didn’t have time to finish. 2018 sent me into 2019 in irritating amounts of pain. I’ll have my usual yearly bandwagon guide up on Friday and today’s comic will show up when I can finish it