I loved how new NFL owner David “BRASS BALLS” Tepper went ahead and signed Eric Reid when his team needed safety help, ignoring any anthem-related hooplah and picking up a decent B-level player where his team needed one. It actually caused far less ruckus than I anticipated. Reid has continued to be outspoken about his protests but he hasn’t gotten slammed or torn apart as much as expected. Obviously Reid isn’t Colin Kaepernick but for essentially being probably the second biggest name in that whole mess it seems pretty good that’s he’s been able to keep his job comfortably even despite a couple of rough penalties he’s committed.

But the fact that the NFL has been trying to subtly sabotage the dude by constantly testing him for banned substances at a much higher rate than anyone else is scummy as shit. The dude isn’t even the controversy magnet Kaep is, but they are still trying to erase him and make him look bad. The NFL has never been particularly good at pretending their random drug tests are actually random (It’s a locker-room meme that if a Kicker/Punter makes a physical play they are guaranteed to get “randomly selected”) but this seems like a new low. Especially since Reid has been nothing but clean each time. The powers in charge can’t get rid of him or blackball him like they can do with Kaep or use him like they did with Malcolm Jenkins, so they are trying to eliminate him this way. Just let the guy play you butts.

It bothers me because he isn’t even causing any meaningful distraction. The only time he’s been in the news cycle recently was because he pointed out this bullshit. He’s just there, doing his thing. Let the guy play ball.

CREATOR NOTE: Not only have I been travelling between many homes this past week, but I’ve caught a stupid jerk cold that won’t let me breathe. I have no idea when I’ll be able to get back on a regular schedule.