Apologies again for this not going up on Friday, holiday craziness plus I have a new backup machine and I’m trying out a new art program (Clip Studio) so I’m all discombobulated. I made this in about ten minutes when I heard the news but never had a chance to put it up.

Honestly what to even say. Nathan Peterman found a job and of course Jon Gruden gave it to him.

I sort of admire that Gruden is clearly fully committed to the complete rebuild at this point. He gutted the team and he’s going to play the long game in his image. For better or worse, we are going to see pure, untainted Jon Gruden Football. It’s either going to eventually pay off 3 years from now or crash and burn in spectacular fashion and ruin his legacy forever.

I hope it’s the latter. Screw him for taking this gig and sticking us with the worst MNF crew in history.

This week is also going to be stupid, so expect a bunch of checkdowns. I’ll put up as many as I’m able to.