What a hilarious nightmare Antonio has turned out to be. Though I must say right up front, I think a lot of this is on Mike Mayock too.

Hard Knocks with the Raiders was an unfortunate disappointment overall. Hard Knocks just isn’t good now because it’s simply part of the media element so the raw and real moments just aren’t there. I saw someone describe it as a giant show-version of a press release and I agree. Hard Knocks should end. We didn’t get anything out of it except the names of a few fringe players who have okay stories. Even AB came across as normal in it, outside the one scene where it seemed like he hired a stat nerd to basically cherry pick numbers that made him the best at something.

They also ended the show just a few days too early. God I love this nonsense.

AB, or Mr Big Chest, or whatever he is these days, is a continuous gift. He got snippy and posted the fine letters on Instagram calling out the Raiders. The Raiders, mainly Mike Mayock I believe, did not appreciate this slander and had to make sure Mr big issues PUT THE TEAM FIRST. They apparently almost got into a physical fight with Vontaze Burfict of all people holding back AB. (Guess who totally called them being friends!) Now the Raiders might suspend Antonio Brown for week 1, which would damage his earnings due to his contract. AB also unfollowed the Raiders and Derek Carr on social media, and followed…the Texans? What do the Texans even have left to trade for AB with?

Besides being utterly hilarious, I have to actually put a fair amount of blame on Mayock. There is no way Mayock was going to handle this right. Mayock was a draft stooge, a scout at best, a media talking head who had no business being in charge of a team. He had no experience but now he’s the GM of the Raiders? What does Mayock know about dealing with big personalities like Brown? Mayock likely is full of ego and insecurity and tried to be mr discipline man to Brown cuz he’s THE BOSS but Brown just worked his way out of Pittsburgh by not being intimidated by that crap so he’s having none of it. Just a great mix of personality. I think Gruden has nothing to do with this and actually doesn’t give a shit if AB is a drama queen. It reeks of Mayock trying to be the boss.

The Raiders paid a 3rd and a 5th for Antonio Brown and they may have lost that trade.

My god.

Also that opener game last night sucked ass.