The Raiders are having a bad time. We know why. We all knew Josh McDaniels was a bad hire. Maybe some of us thought “oh, well, he’s probably learned a lot from his Denver experience, and he got more time and tutelage from Bill, maybe he will do better this time”. So far: not so much. While it’s hard to accurately judge a coach from half a season unless they are Urban Meyer, Josh has been about as bad as feared.

The team keeps losing. They put up a fight at the end, but they fail. They choke away leads. You can only blame injuries so much. You can only blame the schedule so much. You can only blame the roster so much. This team has talent. There’s no reason this team should have lost to a guy who had never coached a football game at a level above high school before. But they did, and Derek Carr broke down. It was hard to watch. He did his best to keep it in, but this loss truly seemed to break him. Considering all that Carr has dealt with in his career, that said a lot. Pretty much every Raiders fan I saw was calling for McDaniels’ head. Can’t blame them. This is basically rock bottom.

It especially hurts when you consider some of the other coaching situations around the league. The Vikings have a new coach and front office, and they are 8-1, with a track record of winning the types of close games the Raiders are losing. The Giants are in effectively the same position, cruising at 7-2 despite a weak roster from years of mismanagement, finding ways to win. Mike McDaniel in Miami is doing great. Doug Pederson, while the wins aren’t there, is clearly a better coach than Urban Meyer and the Jags feel competitive if not good. Matt Eberflus seems to be getting the Bears into better shape as of late. The worst new coaches are actually all retreads. Dennis Allen looks bad in New Orleans. Lovie Smith looks apathetic in Houston. Todd Bowles looks a little lost in Tampa. What makes McDaniels sting, even more, is that Rick Bisacca took this team to the playoffs last year. Last year the roster was worse and they had the horrible distraction of the Gruden scandal to deal with, and they still made it. I thought Bisaccia deserved a shot after last year. They ditched him for this.

Davis came out in support of McDaniels after the press conference and the team seems to be happy with that. Maybe they actually do like the guy. I also agree it is probably too early to fire McDaniels anyway. Urban set an unbeatable precedent of failure, McDaniels hasn’t gotten close to it yet. If the team only continues to spiral as the season goes on then I think there is an argument for roasting him. If the team manages to find a groove, maybe it might be worth giving him the second year, on thin ice. We might also find out that Jeff Saturday is the next Bill Belichick, making this loss less painful in retrospect. Time will tell, as it always does.