Remember when Trent Richardson was drafted #3 overall and then 3 turned into his average yards per carry?

The Raiders have so much cap space and a GM who comes from the Ted Thompson school of management of building through the draft and being conservative in free agency. It’s kind of sad, the Raiders could easily overpay a few mid level guys or a Suh and still be perfectly fine. Instead they sign Ponder and Roy Helu. They aren’t slam dunks. Those are like…a free throw in the second while down by 10. It helps but come on. Gimme that 3 pointer. Risky shot but you gotta shoot a few to get anywhere. Football please come back Basketball is infecting my blog posts DID YOU SEE RUSSELL WESTBROOK GET A DENT IN HIS FACE I’m sorry (but really google it it’s super gross)


When Trent Richardson scores a touchdown (just play along) he’s gonna try and jump into the Black Hole and accidentally run into the camera man.

I hope a Bama fan reads this and starts spouting how good Richardson is at me like the last time I mocked him on twitter. I love it when college fans are unable to accept that a player who was good for their school didn’t work out in the NFL.

Anyway in case you missed it on KSK here is an article I made a month ago about Trent Richardson solving the energy crisis