Okay in case this one doesn’t make sense Greg Hardy’s domestic abuse case apparently involved him shoving his victim onto a couch covered in Hardy’s assault rifles. I always found that detail kind of insane.

Greg Hardy is a terrible human being and I hope he fails miserably. I wasn’t happy to see him sign with the Cowboys…for multiple reasons…but I’m glad the contract was incentive laden and just 1 year. Clearly the man is on a very short leash, as he should be. His case was horrible. I saw some desperate Panther fans clinging to the idea that maybe he was innocent by claiming that the woman was trying to drag him through the mud to extort him, and that her not showing up in court was because of that, but I don’t buy it. It appears the Mayor of Dallas doesn’t either, and I was quite surprised and impressed with his statements on the signing. Good for him.