This comic feels particularly interesting since Carr and Von are situational direct rivals. The money has gone to the AFC West, friends. All of the money.

It feels as if it’a been too long. Literally almost a full year ago was the last installment of Money Wars. We now have money orbital battle satellites and money nukes. I’m trying to pinpoint when the money shark was jumped, but it was probably several money explosions ago.

Derek Carr got hella paid this past week, good for him. Maybe he can use some of that dough to clean up his face and not look like that one frat bro who sells weed near campus. I’m not sure he deserved quite this much yet, but whatever. Carr has basically been hailed the savior and next big generational QB in his short 3 years as a starter. He’s certainly earned the hype so far, and almost led the Raiders to a #1 seed before a tragic death last season. It still feels early to make the dude the highest paid player in history. I probably would have waited till after next year to pay him all the money.

Maybe they were worried about how much his cost would go up then. He just came off of a season ending leg injury. Derek Carr might be the highest paid player, and he still might have been lowballed in some way to capitalize on the obvious future of the franchise while he was in a slightly questionable state. No team wants a Joe Flacco situation, where a dude wins it all right before he’s due to get paid, then creates a years long comic saga of players hitting each other with money.

I think Stafford is the next player due a money fort. I don’t think he deserves what Carr has, but he’ll probably get close.