Two weeks in a row the Buccaneers had home games postponed due to lightning. The Hockey team name finally made sense to me this season, I didn’t realize it was such a thing down there but hey, now it makes sense. Tampa is a Tesla Coil.

I feel bad for the Bucs fans in the past two games. Some loyalists stuck through the rain delay both weeks and were treated to nothing but sadness. This past week was pretty bad, because the Broncos were committing murder and the Bucs stood no chance to win after the break. But week 3 was just terrible. The Bucs were going to get the ball back for a final 2 minute drill, down by 5 points. They had to get into the endzone to win, because Roberto “The Bucs traded up in the second round lmao” Aguayo missed a field goal and extra point, which means that had he made those kicks, the Bucs only would have needed a field goal to win. What proceeded was a fairly solid drive in terms of football but some atrocious time management. It came down to one final play from like the 13yd line, and Jameis escaped the pocket and looked like he was going to notch a 4th quarter comeback into his belt.┬áThen he scuttled past the line of scrimmage still looking to throw and got sacked anyway. It was hilarious. Probably not for the loyal fans who stayed there and almost saw a treat, but I found it hilarious.

At least Tampa has a pretty good hockey team! Hockey is cool! It’s coming back soon! Next week! Hooray for hitting the puck and stuff. The Lightning seem pretty good. They do things like score points and keep other teams from scoring points. Seems like a solid way to win games.

Also, just for some more chaos, Tom Brady aint the GOAT fight me