Gonna be a few Bucs comics these next few pages. I happened to see this particular story before the JPP one. Rest assured, I already have an idea there, just didn’t have the time to get it finished by today. So let’s take a break and talk some Jameis since we may not have much chance left.

This is the make or break year for Jameis, right? It has to be.

Jameis managed to sort of survive the Fitzpatrick curse. He got cursed and replaced a couple of times, but in a rare change of pace he managed to get his job back. I can’t confidently say he beat it, because he did indeed get benched and we haven’t seen how this year will play out. But Fitz is on the Dolphins now ready to fuck Josh Rosen and Jameis, presumably, will be the starter for the Bucs. But this is a severe short leash situation. I actually love the Bruce Arians hire and feel that Jameis will probably thrive under that system…it depends on Jameis himself. Jameis has proven to be the immature doofus we saw in college still in the pros. He’s far from inspired the team. He still obviously has the talent but it’s not coming together and if it doesn’t this year, it probably won’t.

I feel like I already wrote that about last season but I guess a new coach changes things. Arians might be exactly what Winston needs to turn into the star, but it also puts Winston in the position of “deliver, or you’re gone”. Arians isn’t tied to Winston like Koetter was. Arians can tell Winston to eat shit at any time and it won’t endanger his job. Unless maybe he tells Winston to eat shit in favor of Nathan Peterman. That would be the level of mistake needed to make Arians look bad in his first season with Jameis.

This past week he did a thing where he had a golf ball hit off his head (see link above). He had a helmet, and the golfer is known for trick shots, so honestly I don’t have an issue with it. But let’s be honest: when you read the headline of “Jameis Winston had a golf ball hit off his head”, the biggest surprise is that he did it this safely. He seems like the kinda guy who would absolutely go “HOLD MY BEER”, stick the ball on his head, and dare his friend to hit it. In fact I wish he had done that. It would have been far more interesting.

House stress is still very high and we are currently negotiating on one. There’s a decent chance we take it, and if so, there is an even better chance my updates will get sporadic and such over the next month as we scramble to get everything set up at our current place and move. Seriously this is exhausting.