There’s always one coach firing that comes out of nowhere and catches people off guard. This year that one was Lovie Smith.

The funny part is I’d wager a number of people had him on the hot seat to start the year, and even partly through the year, but the Bucs seemed like a better team this season. The offense played well. Winston looks like the future. Muscle Hamster is back. Mike Evans is great. The defense still sucked, but still has Gerald McCoy to build around. This looked like a team building a foundation to be expanded upon in future years. It seemed silly to jettison a head coach one year after Winston was brought in, seems dangerous to his development. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I think the Jags are keeping Gus for now. You don’t want to ruin a QB’s stability if you don’t have to.

But, I guess not. To be fair the OC who helped Winston along appears to be the obvious frontrunner and it’s speculated that Lovie was jettisoned simply so they could keep Dirk Koetter from getting poached. I’m not astonished by the move, and if it works out then clearly the Glazers actually did something smart. Lovie looks like the game has passed him by.

Despite using Jerry Reese I don’t want him as the Giants coach. I would take him over Spags or Marrone however. Honestly Lovie feels exactly like the kind of coach the Giants would hire. He worked for another high quality team, he has plenty of head coaching experience, he’s a defensive conservative guy and not flashy…he’s a total NYG type of hire. It’s a bad idea but I can see the Giants doing it. They probably won’t though. Just saying, if they do, I called that shit.

Anyway, Lovie mixtape!
-The Power of Lovie
-All you need is Lovie
-Lovie me like you do
-Lovie me do
-I need your Lovie
-We found Lovie in a hopeless place
-Where is the Lovie?
-What’s Lovie got to do with it
-When a Man Lovies and Woman
-I would do anything for Lovie, but I won’t do that
-Can’t get enough of your Lovie
-Lovie Shack
-Bucs, you gave Lovie a bad name
-Addicted to Lovie
-Lovie is a battlefield
-You’ve lost that Lovie feeling
-Crazy little thing called Lovie
-Enter Sandman