Jack Easterby was a weird preacher who somehow worked his way into the good graces of the Patriots and then Texans organization. I’m still not sure how. I’m still not sure how it happened. He just sorta started existing at some point, like he crawled out of the primordial ooze and took a seat at the table and gaslit everyone into thinking he was always there.

I honestly think it might be better for me to link a couple of articles written by people who know far more about the situation than I and will offer better takes. If you want a good recap of Easterby’s rise to power, the Texans Fan Battle page has a solid summary. The biggest thing I learned from that article was that Easterby was there for the Chiefs when Jovan Belcher shot himself, and he was picked up by the Pats for the Hernandez situation.

It’s not really clear how he went from team chaplain to infectious worm, but it clearly happened in New England first. He seems like he was a guy who was always there, forging relationships with players. He’s probably good at that. Lots of players are religious and a team priest would be a good person some folks could talk to. It seems though that Easterby parlayed this skill into having actual, institutional football power. What we don’t know is why. Why did the preacher get draft evaluation powers? It’s one thing to act as a spiritual mentor or have team BBQs and services. It’s another to ask this guy what he thinks about draft capital. I think Easterby is just a massive football fan and kind of a power-hungry nerd who likes control.

I’m going to assume we might get more information down the road on how Easterby managed to do all of this. The Texans organization was full of turmoil under Easterby and the leaks were constant, and many reports seem to point to Easterby as the leaker, using leaks as a way to control situations. Pretty much the standard power-hungry control freak kinda story you see teams have from time to time, usually regarding shitty GMs. Of course, Easterby wasn’t a GM, he was a fucking priest with the worst stand-up routine you’ll ever watch. It seems his attempts to put Josh McCown in the coach’s chair ended up being a dividing line this offseason between him and the organization. Even Cal McNair appears to have recognized that this was a very stupid idea. Easterby’s contract was up at the end of the year with rumors he would get dropped but he didn’t even make it that far.

We’ll have to keep our eye on this little snake now that he’s been set loose in the wild again. He’s probably still a good team chaplain, but he’s already proven himself untrustworthy and power-hungry, so any team that picks him up needs to install some serious anti-virus software and invest in better security clearances.

I’ll leave you with a write-up from a long-suffering Houston Fan, Rivers McCown, with a solid wider perspective on the matter than my chucklefuck ass ever would have. For now, rejoice, the worm is gone.