A pretty big thing happened yesterday in the ongoing perpetual saga of “Dan Snyder is a huge piece of shit”. Time will tell how it plays out, and I would blame absolutely nobody for being cynical and expecting nothing to happen (I sure don’t), but it still seems like it might prove to be a slight turning point. If something does happen down the road, Jim Irsay openly calling out Snyder might be considered the beginning of the final downfall.

So to recap, since everything feels like an ongoing chain now instead of a brand new mess every other year, Snyder was forced to testify to congress about the toxic swamp that was the Washington workplace. A cesspool so gross even From Software wouldn’t put it in their next Souls game. Snyder dodged the hearing for a while by hanging out on his boat. He eventually testified. Did anything come of that yet? No, that would require Congress to be useful, but the investigation also hasn’t officially concluded. But during the hearings, some other owners testified against him. Hmmmm. I’m not surprised some of the other owners don’t like Dan as he seems like a prick and his bullshit has been giving the league a black eye for his entire tenure.

However, keep in mind that one of the most recent scandals on the Snyder resume is lying about ticket sales and skimming it off the top instead of contributing it to the league-wide share. Meaning…he stole from other owners. Traffic some cheerleaders, that’s one thing. Take money away from my new yacht? Snyder, you done fucked up.

So lately, some reports came out that other owners straight up don’t like him, so that suspicion is confirmed. Last Thursday, during the war crime that was Bears/Commanders, Al Michaels just straight up started talking shit about Snyder on air and discussing how pretty much everybody wants him to sell the team. Announcers, even an untouchable titan in the industry, pretty much always skirt around those kinds of issues. You get vague references at best. You’ll see it later this year when they quietly pass over Deshaun Watson’s “off-field troubles”. But Michaels went for it, during a game with the Commanders playing. A few believed he was told to say those lines by NFL insiders. I don’t buy that. I think Michaels knew that public opinion was so against Snyder that he could just shit on him basically to his face. But what if that’s actually true? If Michaels was told to say Dan should sell the team by NFL people, that means that the internal strife is pretty serious and Snyder is absolutely in trouble.

Not long after that, Snyder was reported to basically claim he was untouchable because he has dirt on all the other owners. That’s a theory I’ve long held to be fairly accurate, that Snyder is too involved and that if they oust him, he’s going to go down swinging, and they can’t afford that or set the precedent of voting someone out (because then all of them could get voted out themselves, and lord knows many of them deserve it too).

But then on Tuesday, one of those owners actually said it out loud. Publicly. Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts. He claimed there was merit to removing him and that his behavior was “gravely concerning”. Irsay is one of the few owners who’s dirt is actually pretty public. I’ve made a lot of jokes at his expense, and make no mistake I am definitely still anti-billionare failson, but I’ve softened on Irsay as of late because his struggles are still human struggles. Addiction is bad. Mental health is a big deal. Irsay has worked on improving those things and making a difference there as of late, and I don’t think that should be ignored. Those aspects of him deserve more empathy even if I am inherently against billionaires. But importantly, this makes Irsay one of the best leaders in the Anti-Snyder brigade (if it exists). Snyder can’t really expose much on Irsay we don’t already know. He claimed that they still have to go through the full investigation but if they wanted to vote on it, they might have the necessary 24 votes to force him out.

Also on Tuesday, we found out that through a lawyer Snyder found out which other owners testified against him, and then the Commies sent out a classic threatening statement condemning Irsay, which frankly made him look like…well like our favorite petty piece of shit.

Will anything come of this? After 25 years of Snyder black eyes amounting to nothing, it’s a little hard to hope. But all of these black eyes are still mounting at a slow and steady rate. If it reaches terminal mass and the owners are forced to do something about it, Snyder is probably toasted. At this rate, it’s likely a matter of when. If we get lucky, he might be gone by the end of the decade. If we are extremely lucky, it might be in the next few years. If we are in the darkest timeline, they will protect their own until the planet melts and we all die anyway.