I didn’t even really want to make this one but I didn’t have any better ideas and I can’t remember touching on Sean Taylor yet so here we are. I didn’t want to make it because it occurred to me when I had the idea that at this point, Dan Snyder being a vile piece of shit is basically one of my running gags. Possibly the most serious running gag I have. I’ve made more comics about him and the TEAM than basically any other owner. There are only so many ways you can talk about Dan Snyder being a piece of shit.

I think it’s just the absolute shamelessness of it all that really gets me. All the other owners, even Jerry, are competent at hiding their shamelessness or deflecting away from their evil deeds. Robert Kraft got jerked off in a massage parlor and look how quickly and easily that disappeared. John Mara has emerged as a big villain in recent years starting with the covering up of kicker domestic abuse, but he’s still adept at keeping things low. Most owners seem capable of staying out of the eyeline of the average casual fan and therefore out of the general watching eye of scandal. Snyder either can’t or doesn’t even try. His ownership has been transparently shameless. Everything the TEAM does is obviously self-serving. And it’s just scandal after scandal, shamelessness upon shamelessness, and he just sits there untouchable and it is infuriating.

There was no way the Sean Taylor memorial day was anything but a shameless attempt to distract people from the email scandal spawned from the WFT culture investigation. The instant the news dropped literally everyone recognized it for what it was, because Snyder doesn’t care or can’t hide his shamelessness. Dropping the news 3 days before a game that they are celebrating Sean Taylor? Right in the middle of a discussion about the cheerleader story? We all knew it was crap. Even if the family had been working on that day for some time, it felt like a rush job to drop the news on such short notice. Fans would have wanted to go to that and they waited till it was basically too late, and they cheapened the entire thing. Sean Taylor was a beloved figure on that team and the way they keep using him to gain cheap brownie points is gross. Just another incident in a long line of gross.

Snyder gets a ton of flack? Makes his wife co-owner and face of the franchise in an obvious attempt to have her absorb some blame.
Gets criticism about the name? Trots actual Native American people to stand out on the field and display heritage stuff. Changes the name solely after his large sponsorship deals are threatened, not after any moral discussion.
It’s all just so damn gross. Absolutely shameless franchise. It’s exhausting.

Sean Taylor’s family deserved better than this.