I am scared of the Washington defense. I think even after Sunday people are still going to overlook the team. This defense was going to be good. They got a great D head coach. They have a great D coordinator (even if he is a turd). They have the likes of Ryan Kerrigan and Chase Young. I feel like this team is going to be a prime example of how far a good defense can drag you, because I’m still not sold on the offense at all (outside Scary Terry). The Team pulled together a hell of a win by teeing off on Wentz in the second half and giving the questionable offense constant short fields. I genuinely would not be shocked to see the Team in the mix for the 7th playoff spot.

Yeah, the 7th playoff spot. Remember that? That’s still happening. Weird to think about.

The Eagles look like they could be in for a tough season. Injuries already struck the team pretty badly. Wentz doesn’t seem like he’s progressed all that much from his stellar 2017, when the team felt way more stacked. He was trying to play hero ball, especially when things went bad. The Eagles already feel like a prime example of how quickly things can close in on normal (aka not Patriots) NFL teams. In 2017 the team looked set up to run the table for years. Then Wentz got hurt some more, Foles left, and they’ve lost people. Now they feel like normal old playoff contenders, and it could get worse. They have the advantage of being in a mediocre division since Dallas doesn’t seem spectacular either.

However no matter the results, I look forward to more weeks of TEAM jokes. Genuinely hope they keep the moniker.