And with that, it feels like the Eagles Super Bowl squad is officially gone. I’m sure there are a few pieces left but with Doug fired and Wentz traded the identity of that team is now officially historical record. It took just a few years for what looked like one hell of a squad to just completely crumble into dust as the worst team in a historically bad division. Unlike the other 3 teams, the Eagles probably aren’t trending upwards. This next year might be really rough.

I didn’t expect Wentz to actually leave once Doug got fired. I figured it was Wentz or Doug. A lot of the media leaks made it sound like it was Wentz vs Doug. Wentz appeared to win. Now he’s gone too. Jalen Hurts now gets to command a ship of death into the horizon. Wentz gets to try and rehab his everything in Indianapolis. Doug gets to drink tequila in Mexico or whatever it is he is going to do this year.

The trade was both surprising and not at the same time and opinions seem pretty divided on who “won”, because every trade must be analyzed as a win-loss scenario. One on hand, you’ve got the Philly Wentz fans, who are really pissed off because to them Wentz was still good and worth the money, and all they got out of it was a 3rd and a 2nd that might become a first if Wentz works out. You also have the Philly Wentz haters who are thrilled to see him gone and can’t believe they even managed to get a 2nd and 3rd out of him. For the Colts, consensus seems more even. If Wentz works out, the price isn’t that steep. If he doesn’t, the price wasn’t that steep. Philly is stuck with the worst dead cap penalty in NFL history as they rebuild and the Colts potentially get their future franchise QB for a reasonable price. The real winner in all of this is Wentz, who is now on a better team with a coach he knows well.

Now we truly get to see if Wentz was broken or the Eagles were. Frank Reich has gained most of the credit in recent years for the Eagles Super Bowl run, since football fans are dumb and the team didn’t immediately live up to new expectations after he left. I’m not sure how much credit Reich deserves. The Eagles in 2017 were just fucking stacked and generally very healthy (ironically outside Wentz). Reich certainly played a part in that 2017 success but Doug still made many of the decisions that won them that trophy. In 2018 they had a harder time but still made the divisional round with Foles once again playing the season redeemer. To me it felt like classic fandom expectation shift once 2017 happened. Fans witnessed an incredible team have an incredible win and immediately assumed they’d be the Patriots now and when the team wasn’t as good the next couple of seasons they turned on the coaching staff. Doug wasn’t a perfect coach, no coach is, and winning a Super Bowl is hard as fuck everyone not named Tom Brady. I still think Doug was a good coach who made the most of his best season. Watching him get run out of town like this has been fun because I feel the Eagles made a mistake.

That same spiteful part of me kinda wants Wentz to succeed in Indy just to further stick it to Philadelphia but I still think Wentz is broken and won’t be good. If he stayed in Philly he would likely never recover but in Indy he at least has a chance at a new slate. A lot of reports paint Wentz in an unfortunate egotistical light and getting thrown into a new locker room where he can’t boss people around might humble the guy. Many of his problems looked mental last year, so this could be what he needs. I think he’ll be better than 2020 but not great and certainly nowhere near his 2017 form. I’m expecting a bottom 16 QB performance, but closer to 16 than 32. I think he’ll be average, with signs of what made him special but also plenty of bizarre mistakes just like last season.

At any rate the Eagles are a mess and that’s cool as hell.