Lets take a status check on the Birds of the league through week 8!

Pretty much as good as usual. The Hawks will likely reach the playoffs and will be a threat once they are there. They may even wrestle the division away from the 49ers if the 9ers hit a bit of a slump at some point.

The Ravens are better than expected! Lamar Jackson has taken that next step and become a quality passer as well as a runner. He’s incredibly fun to watch and is possibly an MVP candidate. They’ve had one tough close loss to the Chiefs (no shame there) and one random embarrassment against the Browns (every team has them from time to time). The Ravens are clear front-runners for the division and possibly for a 1st round bye. Harbaugh has done a great job re-tooling the team around Jackson.

Not quite as good as we’d expected, that’s for sure. Just two years removed from a SB win and still retaining most of that talent, I don’t think anyone expected the Eagles to be this mediocre. I’m not sure what’s wrong. It seems like everything that used to be amazing is just…worse?

They got off to a bad start but maybe there is something to this Murray kid. The Cards are still a bad team but it feels like maybe they have a future if they play their…cards…right. I’m sorry.

Man what the hell happened? This team is 3 years removed from an MVP caliber season and an almost SB win. The defense is complete ass. Matt Ryan looks like poop, and now he’s hurt because Aaron Donald ate him. Julio is still good. This team has fought fairly hard in a few of their losses but they are legitimately a dropped Nelson Algholor pass from being winless. Dan Quinn has no chance of survival after this season unless they suddenly turn on god-mode and roll through the rest of the schedule.